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ILP @ Trivandrum
Our Experience during Initial Learning Programme at TCS Trivandrum.
First Day @ Trivandrum
Day 3 (Nov 9 ′08)

We reached Trivandrum Central Railway Station at around 5 in the morning on Nov 9th.
We all moved to our respective hostels/hotels.

I would prefer not comparing the accommodations provided by TCS. If its a big group, then you will enjoy in any one of them. Just one suggestion, if u are a small group and you have been given an accommodation @ Trivandrum City, then try to reach there as late as possible.

All of us got ready and met at Technopark at around 11 for lunch. We were just roaming around technopark and executive hostel for some time.
Some were getting a local SIM. Niralee took abt 1 to 2 hours to get that done. But she made maximum use of the local Reliance SIM that she got too.

Then, the girls went back to their hostel and guys went to Executive hostel. We played a few games of Table Tennis. Then we decide to go to watch a movie.

We decided to go to Padmanab theatre to watch "Quantum of Solace". We hired 2 rickshaws and left for the theatre. Luckily or Unluckily, it started raining heavily.
Within a few mins of heavy rain, some parts of the city started flooding too. We somehow managed to reach the theatre.

The Theatre experience was also a lot of fun. It was not a multiplex. Actually there were no multiplexes in Trivandrum. Whether we enjoyed the movie or not, we certainly did enjoy the theatre.

After the movie, We split and moved to our respective hostels/hotels.
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Ahmedabad to Trivandrum
Day 1 (Nov 7 ′08)

All of us meet at the Ahmedabad Railway station to board the Nagercoil Express.
The tickets were booked by Ms. Lee.
There were 13 of us.
Obviously Varun was not there cos he joined our group later on.
And Harsh was also missing cos he would come directly from Manglore.
So that makes us 13.

The train was late by around half an hour. All of us boarded the train. We had seats in 2 different coaches :
6 in one coach
4 in the other
Total of 10 confirmed seats.

So we divided into 2 groups
I : Sanath, Vinay, Anuraag, Udit & Niralee
II : Sagar, Kavan, Priyanka, Krina, Boski, Rasul, Vishal, Hussain

We were provided with some reading material by TCS. So some of the studious people from our group starting reading. Some of them like Priyanka and Krina had already come prepared i.e. they had already read all the material. And some of us were not interested in studying so we either were sleeping or playing different games.

Ok, now for the special appearance part. In the very next compartment, there was a really beautiful girl, whom we named "Katrina", cos she looked quite similar to the actress.

We got to know each other better and got closer through this trip. I, personally made some really good friends like Vinay, Anuraag & Niralee through this trip.

We reached Trivandrum Central Railway Station at around 5 in morning on Nov 9th.
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What This Blog is About ?
This blog is about our experiences during Initial Learning Program at TCS Trivandrum.

First Let me introduce our group, all from UVPCE, Gujarat :

Sanath (Santiago, Sandy, Santa...)
Kavan (Kevin, Kavannu)
Sagar (Saggy)
Anuraag (Anna)
Udit (Tidu)
Niralee (Lee, Nilu)
Vinay (Jadd)
Rasulmiya (Russell)
Varun (Not from UVPCE, but very much a part of the group)

All of us had an amazing trip. Obviously, we did study quite a bit(few exceptions). But at the same time we enjoyed the most. We went to almost all the tourist places in Kerala.

The rest you will get to know from this blog.
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